Open My Eyes October Scripture Writing FOR KIDS!


In 2017, we changed the name of our Scripture Writing plans from Open My Eyes to INSCRIBE THE WORD. You can find a full list of our Scripture Writing plans HERE. We also have our Inscribe the Word journal in our Shop.

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In July I started a new type of Bible study (for me at least) that has completely changed how I read and study the Word of God. The OPEN MY EYES Bible Study is a form of Scripture writing.

Hand copying Scripture is simply writing out word-for-word passages of Scripture by hand. This practice is helping me to change the way I read and study God's Word.

Over the past few months, I have seen families studying God's Word together so I developed OPEN MY EYES for KIDS! 

Scripture Writing bible study for kids

Our kids need to know that God has promised them so many wonderful things in His Word. This month, we are studying THE PROMISES of GOD. I pray that our children come closer to The Lord as their eyes are opened to His promises. 

"OPEN MY EYES: FOR KIDS" will focus on children ages 4-10, maybe 12 depending on your child. I believe that students over the age of twelve can use the adult writing plans. You can read more about how I use this plan with my six-year-old. You can also see below the different Bibles I use and recommend for children.  

CLICK HERE  to download your PDF of this month's plan.  CLICK HERE  to see the adult plan.

CLICK HERE to download your PDF of this month's plan. CLICK HERE to see the adult plan.

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