30 Questions To Ask Your Kids to Get To Know Their Heart

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This boy right here has my heart. He is my pride and joy. He is my smile.

I called him Asher because I believe that when you name your child you give him a nature. Asher means, "happy, fortunate, blessed" and I can tell you he is all of those things. He is full of joy. He is always happy. He is always laughing. He has blessed my life.

Asher is in the Superhero/Star Wars phase of life. I guess this is a phase every young boy must pass through as they reach adulthood (I understand that for some men this stage carries them into adulthood!) Asher is most definitely obsessed.

He can talk your ear off about The Flash, Spider-Man, Yoda, and Kylo Ren. And I, in all of my girly-goodness, listen patiently and try to fake interest in Obi-Wan-Kenobi and Thor.

But what is he really thinking, I often wonder? There must be more in that active mind of his than just Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker.  

These 30 Simple Questions are an awesome way to get to know what is inside of your child's heart and mind. These conversation starters are great for your parent/child date night.

This weekend, I took Asher on a date determined to get to know my son even more than I already do. The two of us got dressed up and went to a lovely lunch. On the way to lunch he talked about Batman and Robin and asked me all about The Joker. Once we got to lunch, however, I told him we couldn't talk about superheroes for lunch, we had to talk about what I wanted to talk about.

Armed with my list of questions, I was determined to get past the Superhero section of his brain, past the Star Wars wing, and into what my son is really thinking about life at seven.

You see, I am looking into the future when the teenage years are upon us and Mom isn't as cool as she is now. I want to develop a strong relationship with my son now so that when he is older, he can come to me with his questions, his problems, his failures, and his successes without worrying about how I will react.

As I asked him these questions, the best thing happened. He answered each one with honesty and excitement and then turned around and asked them back to me. My Star Wars Fanatic actually cared what I thought! He wanted to not only answer the questions, but he wanted to know what my answers were!

We talked for over an hour at our little lunch date. After lunch we went to do some shopping. I assumed he would jump back into Superhero Land. He didn't.

📷: For Photography and royalty free images.  Click here.

📷: For Photography and royalty free images. Click here.

"Mom, ask me more questions!".

And so for the rest of the day, we asked each other questions about life, Jesus, favorite things, and favorite memories. 

We connected with each other and found out more about each other. 

I thought I knew everything about my son, but when I started asking him these questions, I found his little seven-year-old heart and heard what was in his spirit. Each morning we write in our Scripture Writing Journals, and we have really open talks about Jesus, the Word, and Bible Stories. I love that time with Asher where we can talk about Jesus through the Scriptures. This conversation, and these questions, just reinstalled that what we are learning in the morning devotionals, are getting into his heart!

I hope that this openness in our conversation is laying the foundation for a close relationship in the future. I hope he can always come to me and talk to me about anything. I hope that he knows how much I am on his team, how much I support him, and how proud of him I am.

I will continue to make lists of questions to ask him, each one getting more in depth as he gets older. I will continue going on our dates and finding out more about this treasure the Lord has entrusted me with. 

And I will try my hardest to show interest in Superman and Boba Fett!

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CLICK HERE to download your 30 Questions.

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