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At a Symphony of Praise we teach you how to Glorify Christ in your Every Day Life.

Erika and Steven a Symphony of Praise

Hey There!

We are Steven & Erika.

We help families just like yours discover how to glorify Christ in every day life. We live in Eastern North Carolina with our 9-year-old named Asher, a Maltese named Cinderella, and a mini-lop bunny named George Gershwin!

Our whole purpose is for you and your family to see that you are a part of God’s Great Symphony. Whether it is through our testimony, Bible Studies, living simply, health and wellbeing, or just “doing life” in today’s world, we want to show you that you are a Masterpiece, and that you can live for Christ and be still be real, alive, and free.

Grab a cup of coffee (or a Diet Pepsi in our case!) and have a look around . . .


Living a Life orchestrated by
The Chief Musician


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Inscribe the Word

Here, you can find a full list of our Inscribe the Word Scripture Writing Plans. These plans date back to our beginning; July 2016. Each plan is broken into topics or books of the Bible. Each plan is FREE. Choose which plan you’d like and start writing the Word today.

The Blog

We get it. Life is crazy busy, and now more than ever we need to be encouraged and inspired to keep on keeping on. Over on the Symphony of Praise Blog, we have TONS of resources, articles, inspiration, and encouragement to help you do life and do it well for the glory of God!


Our mission is to provide simple and tangible ways for your to study the Bible. No matter where you are starting today, our resources help inspire you right where you are. We are passionate about getting God’s Word into as many hands as possible through our resources.

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