Welcome to A Symphony of Praise.


Our Story

Hello Dear Friend,
My name is Erika Michelle. I am so glad you are here! Steven and I live in Eastern North Carolina with our son Asher, little Maltese named Cinderella, a mini lop bunny named George Gershwin, and the newest addition to our family - Abendego. A golden retriever that we affectionately call “Benny”.

I am originally from Long Island, New York so living in the South is a bit of a culture shock, but it has been a blessing. Steven has traveled extensively around the world, but the Lord brought us together here in North Carolina.

I started The Felicity Bee in 2016 and only in the hands of The Lord has it become what it is today. What started as a little blog in the middle of a dark season of my life has turned into a thriving ministry that is reaching people around the world.

Steven and I have been in much prayer over the direction the Lord wanted to take us, and in 2018 God moved on our heart to rebrand and expand our ministry. With that, came a name change. The Felicity Bee became known as  A SYMPHONY OF PRAISE. 

A Symphony of Praise is a ministry, a classroom, a blog, an oasis, a place for healing, and a place to be refreshed. Its pages hold Scriptures, worship, peace, joy, and love. It is a place that strives to show you that you are a masterpiece. Your life, with its messy notes and out-of-tune seasons are being formed into a beautiful symphony of praise by The Chief Musician.

Through Bible Studies, Monthly Scripture Plans, an online Bible Study Ministry, and stories of real life; raw and redeemed, we exist to point you and those you love to Jesus and to His purpose for your life. 

Throughout these pages may you find . . . 
The Love of The Lord.  Purpose and Praise.  The Word and Worship.
And Amazing Grace weaving a beautiful tapestry through it all.
May you find the tools and resources you need, and the encouragement and inspiration to lead
A Life Orchestrated by The Chief Musician.

We are honored you are here. 

You Can Read What We Believe HERE.