Inscribe the Word * September Scripture Writing Plan

Happy September, Folks!

Last month we began the great adventure of taking a look at one of the defining parts of Christ’s ministry, and this month we will continue with Part 2 of The Miracles of Jesus. Time and time again throughout the Scripture we have seen Jesus use His power to heal the sick, raise the dead, and banish demons.
As I Inscribed the miracles last month, it surprised me how people reacted to Jesus' miracles. Did you catch that as well?

Need to revamp your Bible Study? Scripture Writing is a fantastic way to get in the word each day. Join us as we Inscribe the Word with this month's Bible and Scripture Study THE MIRACLES OF JESUS!

It surprises me to this day how the Pharisees could not see what was right before them. No matter the words that came from His lips or the Miracles that came from His hands, the Pharisees could not recognize Jesus as the foretold Messiah. They couldn’t see the glory as he healed the sick and raised the dead. They couldn’t understand Christ’s Majesty as he quoted God’s Word and preached His law. The Pharisees couldn’t see His power even as he cast out demons and called the earth to his command. Perhaps the Pharisees simply refused to see it. Regardless, to stand in front of such glory and majesty and still deny it completely shows just how blind people can be to the will of God and the love He has for his children.   

To this very day, the glory of Jesus is denied throughout the very world He came to save. It saddens my heart to know that even after the Greatest Sacrifice, the love and glory of God continue to be rejected by His people. 

But do not become disheartened!

For, as it says in the gospel, the glory of Jesus and the good news of his life will be “preached in all the world as a testimony to all nations!” (Matthew 24:14) Let us not be like the Pharisees; denying the rule and authority of Jesus Christ. You may not be seeing Jesus raise the dead and heal the sick as He did many years ago, but that doesn't mean He isn't a miraculous God. It doesn't mean that miracles have ceased to exist. 

Look for the miracles.

Look at your life. You are a miracle. You were once dead in your trespasses and sins are now alive in Christ! (Ephesians 2:1)
Look at the fact that the sun rises each day to give us life. That is a miracle.
Jesus is still performing miracles. He is still raising the dead

As we continue to delve deep into the miracles of Christ, I pray that the majesty that they demonstrate impacts your heart. Whether it is a refresher for your spiritual journey or the first time you have looked into them directly, I pray that the miracles presented in the gospels help to rejuvenate your faith and walk with God. 

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