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What Joseph and Mary Can Teach us about Parenting the Early Years.

Can you imagine the vast responsibility of raising the Son of God? Joseph and Mary were given this incredible task and we can learn a lot from them. As parents, our children are on loan from God and we have the responsibility to raise them in the ways of the Lord. So what can Joseph and Mary teach us about parenting? When it comes to the early years of parenting, Mary and Joseph teach us quite a bit in Matthew chapter 1.

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How to Create a Family Mission Statement.

Get ready for the best year of your family’s life with a Family Mission Statement. This mission statement is designed to walk you through creating a vision and purpose for your family. Find out WHY you need a family mission statement, how to create one, and the simple steps to take to give yourself a mission! PLUS, Download our FREE 27 Page workbook to walk you through the process!

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For Those Days When You Feel Like A Terrible Mother

A routine well visit to the doctor’s office had me feeling like a terrible mother. I failed my son. I wasn’t doing all the things the way every other Mom does all the things. And then God spoke to me, “You will never fit into societies mold and neither will your son. I made you both to break the mold.” This is for all the Mom’s who feel defeated, not worthy, and struggling with this thing called motherhood. There is hope.

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