Open My Heart December Prayer Prompts.


In 2017, we changed the name of our Prayer Prompts from plans from Open My Heart to HEAR MY VOICE. You can find a full list of our Prayer Prompt plans HERE


It's Christmas! We all love this time of year where life is getting merry and bright, fireplaces are coming to life, twinkling lights are everywhere, and life gets busy. I love this time of year with its festive glory, but I also focus on the true reason for this season . . . Jesus. I hope and pray that He becomes real to you this Christmas Season as you strive to know Him more.

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These prayer prompts are designed to help you come before God with your whole heart. They are focused, this month, on The Names of Jesus and the characters of our Lord that each name represents. They are designed to not be wish lists to the Lord, but prayers of thanks for who He is, need for ourselves, and worship for our Savior. 

Journaling has become a powerful part of my life. Whether it is the Open My Eyes Scripture Writing every day or other journals I keep, I find that the quiet moments of writing and pouring out my heart are healing. I am able to focus on what is really inside that heart of mine. The Lord speaks to me in so many ways through journaling.

These prayer prompts are a way for you to sit quietly in the Lord's presence and just talk to Him. Above all else, the Lord desires relationship with us. (Revelation 3:20) He wants to take to us and make Himself known to us. 

I pray that these prayer prompts give us the opportunity to slow down, and speak to the Lord - our best friend, our Savior, and our King. As He hears your hearts desires, my prayer is that you also hear His.

  Click Here  to download your Prayer Prompts.

Click Here to download your Prayer Prompts.

The Felicity Bee