Open My Eyes December Scripture Writing Plan.


In 2017, we changed the name of our Scripture Writing plans from Open My Eyes to INSCRIBE THE WORD. You can find a full list of our Scripture Writing plans HERE. You can also purchase an 18 month E-Book with 18 of our Scripture Writing plans in our Resources.

The OPEN MY EYES Scripture Writing plan has been such a wonderful way for me to study God’s Word. I am receiving testimonials each week from women and families using the plans to dig deeper into The Word. 

There are so many devotionals, Bible Studies, and Scripture study aids available to us. And while they are wonderful tools, there is nothing like getting into the Word of God and discovering the Scriptures for ourselves. Scripture Writing is the simple study of hand copying Scripture word for word into a notebook or journal. It is the practice of focusing on the Word and hearing God speak to your heart in His still small voice.

When I simply read the Scriptures, my mind wanders. I begin thinking about my daily chores or a myriad of other things. With Scripture writing, I am so focused on each word I am writing. I am focused on keeping my journal neat and artistic as I journal God's Word. It gives me fifteen to twenty minutes of uninterrupted Bible Study where The Lord can speak to my heart.

Join us for our December's Inscribe the Word Plan where we are doing a topical Bible Study on THE NAMES OF JESUS. This is a wonderful Study for your December Scripture Writing Challenge.

As we close out 2016, we are studying the NAMES OF JESUS. Jesus goes by so many different names in the Scriptures. Each name reveals a different part of the Lords character and each name reveals a specific function of Christ in our lives.

2017 is right around the corner and our Scripture Writing plan will continue each month. The name is going to be changing . . . from OPEN MY EYES to INSCRIBE THE WORD but the function is the same. My desire is to create a community that studies the Word together, focusing on a monthly theme, and allowing God to minister to our hearts.

I hope you enjoy this December plan as we study THE NAMES OF JESUS together. I wish you the Merriest of Christmas' and I am so looking forward to walking together on this journey called life in 2017.

To download your DECEMBER Scripture Writing Plan,  CLICK HERE.

To download your DECEMBER Scripture Writing Plan, CLICK HERE.