Inscribe the Word . . . August Scripture Writing Plan.

August Scripture Writing Plan The Book of Ruth

The book of Ruth is such a powerful book of the Bible. The character studies alone can give us so much insight into godly paths, worldly plans, and the redeeming power of Jesus. One of only two books named after a female, the book of Ruth is a study in friendship, perseverance, loss, and legacy.

No one knows the narrator of the book of Ruth. We know it takes places during the time of the Judges (Ruth 1:1). But the writer is unknown. "Jewish tradition maintained that Samuel wrote the books of Ruth, Judges, and Samuel . . . since the inference of Ruth 4:17-22 is that David was king, which was not realized in Samuel’s lifetime, it is unlikely that Samuel was the author of Ruth, at least in its present form. The book itself contains no clue concerning its authorship." (Source)

Over at The Queen's Circle, our membership community, we are doing an in-depth study into the Book of Ruth.

As I am preparing for the study, I can't help but notice that at times in my life, I have been an Orpah, a Ruth, and a Naomi.

I have been an Orpah. I have travelled the comfortable path. I have went back to my past instead of pursuing the plans God has for me. 

At times in my life, I've been a Ruth. I have been a good friend. I have been strong. I have been unwanted and rejected. I have followed hard after the Lord. I have followed Him into the unknown trusting that He is with me every step of the way.

At times in my life, I have been a Naomi. I have seen my pleasantness turn into bitterness while out of God's will for my life. I have stayed just a bit too long in disobedience which caused my appearance and personality to change. I have blamed God for hardships that I brought upon myself through my disobedient choices.

At ALL times in my life, I am so glad that I have a "Boaz", my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

He redeemed me. He called me by name. He didn't care about my past, my loss, or my lineage. He welcomed me into His family and called me His own. He is my redeemer, my protector, my provider, my Savior, and my friend. 

I am so excited to be inscribing the Book of Ruth this month. The story is beautiful, lovely, powerful, and enticing. But it is also a fantastic picture of our walk with the Lord from our failures to our faith, from our past to our present, from our loss to our legacy.

I hope as you INSCRIBE RUTH this month, you see yourself in the pages of the story. But I pray even more, that you see your Kinsman Redeemer in the man called Jesus Christ. 

Inscribe the Word Scripture Writing Plan The Book of Ruth
Join us this April as we Inscribe what the Bible says about friendship. A wonderful Bible Study for our kids to learn how to be a friend the Biblical way.

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