Hear My Voice . . . October Prayer Prompts

Happy October, Prayer Warriors.


Our October Prayer Prompts are here. My heart behind this monthly series is to encourage you to develop a deep prayer life with Jesus. Prayer isn't a religious obligation. Prayer is about cultivating a real, living relationship with Jesus. 

Every month, I use my Inscribe the Word journal in conjunction with Hear My Voice. After I write my verse for the day, I write my prayers in my prayer journal. If you haven't heard of a prayer journal or haven't thought about starting one, here's some ideas for you.


The idea of a prayer journal has been around for quite a while. In its simplest form, a prayer journal is a place to keep a track of your prayers. Keep in mind that you do what is good for you. There is no "one size fits all approach" to prayer journaling. You do what feels right in your spirit. This pattern works for me, and may also help you get started. 

1. I write my prayers using the daily prayer prompts to start me off. I use my daily planner, but any journal, notebook, or blank book would work.

2. I pray a short prayer that the Lord would hear my heart as I write, and that I would begin to learn His will as He teaches me to pray. I pour out my heart to the Lord through my writing.

3. I quiet my mind and heart as I also write down any words He is speaking to me. Prayer is a conversation, and I never want my prayers to be me talking on and on about my needs. I want to "Hear His Voice" as He hears mine.

4. When the Lord answers my prayers, I go back and write down when and how He answered. It is always interesting to note that the Lord answers in His time and in His way, but it is always for my good. How great is our God!

Prayer journaling can be artistic, and just as beautiful as Bible Journaling. But the point is not to get caught up in the "pretty". The point is to cultivate your relationship with Jesus through your prayers.

I hope that October's prayer prompts encourage and help you in your prayer life.


CLICK HERE to download your prayer journal prompts.

How do you use the HEAR MY VOICE prayer prompts? I'd love to know in the comments below . . .