Hear My Voice . . . December Prayer Prompts

I pray that these Prayer Prompts will help give you a boost in cultivating a vibrant prayer life with Jesus. Use them for prayer journaling!

What a year it has been, my friends! 

I started the year by moving into a new home with my son. Then, after two heart-wrenching difficult years of back-and-forth, I finally decided to close my non-profit community theater at the end of this year; a decision that was made this summer and one that has broken my heart a million times over. 

I got engaged and married within two months to the man God chose for me. Within a few weeks of marriage, my new husband and I fostered two teenagers who desperately needed a home. They stayed with us for about a month until we found them a perfect, permanent home. We never had a honeymoon or a period of wine and roses, but we are building a firm foundation!

My father, who married Steven and I in a beautiful ceremony, suddenly and unexpectedly past away in October, and we are now learning how to live life without this amazing man.

2017 has had some high-highs and extremely low-lows. But I am thankful for one thing . . . JESUS. He has been my constant. My relationship with Jesus is what has gotten me through this tumultuous year.

How do you cultivate the kind of relationship with Jesus that gets you through years like my 2017? You pray, you praise, you worship! You seek Him in His Word. You cry out to Him. You talk to Him like He was sitting right next to you in the flesh. When you seek Him, my friend, you will find Him.

The HEAR MY VOICE prayer prompts have given me so much in terms of cultivating a relationship with Jesus. I write out my prayers to Him each day. I mark down when the prayers were answered, how they were answered, and I keep track of the goodness of God in tangible terms in my journal.

I would NEVER have gotten through this year without my Jesus. My relationship with Him has only grown stronger as He lifts me up again and again out of the miry clay.

I pray that these prompts will be a guide as you deepen your relationship with Jesus. It has been an honor to pray with you and for you this year. I am excited to see what 2018 brings us and how we can continue to lift up Jesus as we lift up each other in prayer.

CLICK HERE  to download your prayer prompts.

CLICK HERE to download your prayer prompts.