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Hello My Dear Friend,
My name is Erika Michelle and I am the voice behind The Felicity Bee. I am so glad you are here! I live in Eastern North Carolina with my husband Steven, son Asher, and little puppy named Cinderella. I am originally from New York so living in the South is a bit of a culture shock, but it has been a blessing.

I started The Felicity Bee in 2016 and only in the hands of The Lord has it become what it is today. The Felicity Bee is a ministry, a classroom, a blog, an oasis, a place for healing, and a place to be refreshed. Its pages hold Scriptures, worship, peace, joy, and love. It is a place that strives to equip women and their families to love God and fall deeply in love with His Word. 

Through Bible Studies, Monthly Scripture Plans, an online Bible Study Ministry, and stories of real life; raw and redeemed, we exist to point you and those you love to Jesus and to His purpose for your life. 

Throughout these pages may you find . . . 
The Love of The Lord.  Purpose and Praise.  The Word and Worship.
And Amazing Grace weaving a beautiful tapestry through it all.

Welcome to The Felicity Bee.
I am honored you are here. 

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