Where is God in the Middle of the Storms?

My Dear Friends,

My heart has been in a a place of prayer for the last month. The storms in our country from Harvey to Irma, the typhoons in China, the fires in the west, and the earthquakes in Mexico . . . What is happening?


The storms are raging, and we are often left wondering WHERE IS GOD?

There are many scholarly articles that have been written on the subject. Some are very wise. Others still leave me asking the question WHERE IS GOD?

For you, dear friends, I wish I had an answer. I wish I could tell you that "the devil" caused the storms or God caused the storms or the air pressure caused the storms or the solar eclipse caused the storms

I can't.

I don't know what has caused these storms, earthquakes, and fires.

To be honest, when things like this happen, I turn to the Word. The Bible does say that creation is groaning and waiting for the revealing of the children (sons) of God. (Romans 8:18-25)  Perhaps these storms are creation groaning in pains of childbirth as the children of God rise up in strength and power. 

Or maybe, the simplicity of the answer can be found in John 16:33. The Bible doesn't promise us a perfect life without trials and tribulations. It doesn't promise that we will always have sunny skies. The Bible tells us that in this world we will have tribulation. But it also tells us to be of good cheer because our Lord has overcome the world.

I don’t have an eloquent or scholarly answer to the question, “Where is God in the middle of the storm?”. But I tell you this . . .

HE IS THERE. You just need to look for Him.

He is in the storm.

He is in your home.

He is holding your hand.

You are never alone.

He is in the whistle of the wind and the cool of the rain.

He is in the rise of the tides as they come and go again.

He is in the firefighters strength.

He is in the volunteers smile.

He is in the hand of the policeman rescuing a child.

He is in the boats on the waters that rescued the trapped.

He is in the rumble of the earth as it shifts and cracks.

He is in hands of the helpers handing out water.

He is in the arms of the mothers shielding sons and daughters.

He is with our President, Governors, and People in power.

He is in the fiery flames, even in this hour.

He is with The Army, The Marines, The Navy, and The Guard

For Him, nothing . . . NOTHING . . .  is too hard.

He is with the evacuee, the rescuer, the rich, and the poor.

His angels surround every window and door.

We may not know His ways or see His plan,

But we know that we are safe in the palm of His hand.

He allows the storms to rage.

He allows the winds to blow.

He allows the rains to come,

and He allows the waters to flow.

Your home may be torn, and your life may be broken.

You may feel loss. You may feel hopeless.

Know that through it all we can rest in one thing . . . 

He is Lord of all and He is the King of kings.

When we do not know His plan - when we can’t see the way -

We just hold His hand, and continue to pray.

If you are in the storm, if you are in the fire,

If you are rattled by the quakes, as the waters rage higher . . . 

He is with you today, even if you cannot see.

He is with you in every prayer and need.

He is with you in the things you don’t understand.

He is with every child, woman, and man.

Lord, we can't comprehend, and we will never know 

why You allow the waves, the fire, and wind to blow.

But like David of old when we question such things,

we will remember to abide in the shadow and Shelter of Your Wings.

If you have been effected but the storms, fires, and quakes, know that you are in our prayers. If you have not, please consider making a donation to help the families, brothers, sisters, friends, and saints around the country. There are many different organizations giving, helping, and supplying the needs of the victims of these storms. Send your prayers . . . but consider sending your financial support as well.


All My Love,