How to Turn Your Eyes From Ruin to Life.


In 2013, a very good friend of mine, let's call him Jason for the sake of privacy, was in a massive car accident. The car took a sharp turn  and went off the road. Jason estimated the car flipped over five times before it came to a crash. He was able to pull himself out of the car within seconds of the engine blowing up.

Thank God, he is still alive.

A few weeks later, Jason and his wife Rebecca had to visit the totaled car for insurance purposes. They asked me to join them. When we got to the impound lot, I just cried my eyes out the goodness of our mighty God who had spared his life. The car was just a jumbled mess of twisted metal, fire scorched insides, and ruin. 

Sometimes it is hard to focus on the good things in our lives. We tend to look at the ruins. Click here to learn how to take your eyes off of ruin and place them on NEW LIFE.

Rebecca was also crying, but not at the goodness of God. She just kept looking at all the mess and saying, “What are we supposed to do now? You don’t have a car, Jason. This is going to send our insurance through the roof. We don't have the money for a new car. I'm not paying for this. How could you be so stupid to drive that fast?"

Well, I agreed with Rebecca there. I paused through the tears, looked at Jason and said, “Seriously!!! How could you be so stupid to be driving that fast?”. Then continued to cry at the goodness of God! LOL! 

You can see the picture. Jason was alive; bruised, and beat up, but alive. On his left was Rebecca, a wife that wouldn’t take her eyes off of the ruined car. She wouldn’t take her eyes off of what had been and what had caused the wreck. On his right was myself, a friend, that wouldn’t take her eyes off of the "life" standing in front of her. I wouldn’t take my eyes off of the new journey that was ahead for Jason as this situation caused him to give his life to the Lord.


I was reminded of this story the other night, and how it released to the disciple Peter. I love the disciple Peter, don’t you? He is so “real”. He is so us! He was so human. 

Tonight, I was re-reading the miraculous story of Peter walking on the water in Matthew 14:22-36. Peter was doing great. He was walking on a stormy see toward his Lord and Savior. 

UNTIL . . . 

In verse 30 of Matthew 14, it tells us that Peter saw that the wind was boisterous, and he was afraid; and beginning to sink he cried out, saying, “Lord, save me!” Peter took his eyes off of the Life in front of him. He looked at the death, fear, and ruin of the mighty sea. Once he did that, he began to sink.


Psalm 119:37 begs the question, "What are you looking at"?

Are you focused on the "worthless things" ? The word "worthless" is the Hebrew word shav' which is translated as emptiness, nothingness, desolation, ruin, waste.

What are you looking at today? Are you focused on the things that are dead, ruined, wasted, empty? Are you focused on the things/people/circumstances that bring nothing to your life but desolation?  The psalmist in verse 37 is seeking the Lord to turn his eyes AWAY from those worthless things. Those things in your life that are no longer bearing life or fruit, but are in the past, are dead, are worthless. 

Sometimes it is hard to focus on the good things in our lives. We tend to look at the ruins. Click here to learn how to take your eyes off of ruin and place them on NEW LIFE.

The psalmist asks the Lord to REVIVE . . . To make alive his passion to walk in the ways of the Lord. Oh Lord, how we need you to revive our thinking. How we need you to turn our eyes from what is dead, and breath life on the excitement of what you are doing. 

The phrase "in Your way" is translated as the Hebrew word, derek, which is translated as a course of life, a path, a journey, a road, a direction!

Our prayer should be that the Lord make alive our course of life. That He bring to life your path, direction, and His way. Dear friends, this path that God has given us is not a short distance sprint. We are on a marathon with the Lord, and when we ask Him, He will REVIVE (make alive) our passion to walk in His ways according to His word.

Wherever you are today, take your eyes off of the burnt, ruined, desolate “car” in your life. Take your eyes off of the stormy, wind-churned sees and turn your eyes to LIFE. Pray that the Lord revive you according to the promises in His Word. Get excited about the new path, the God-chosen life that is in front of you. Keep your eyes on Jesus, and you will never sink.

Perhaps, if you'd permit me the freedom to rewrite Psalm 119:37 this way . . . "Lord, turn my eyes from that which is worthless and empty. Turn my eyes from that which is lying in waste and ruin. And make alive the course of my life. Make alive my journey and my path and bring me direction that I know can only be found in Your Word."

All My Love . . . Erika