When There Are Two Paths to Choose. A Study in Psalm 1.

Two Natures. Two Ways. Two Paths to Choose.

In Psalm 1, we find two different men; the Blessed Man (which we learned is a picture of Jesus), and the wicked man. We already went into detail about the Blessed Man (You can find that article HERE). So let’s dig deeper and take a look at a different sort of person and how we can choose which nature we are going to follow.

We all come to a fork in the road now and then. Our sin nature pulls us one way and righteousness pulls us the other way. Which path do we choose? The answer seems clear, yet so many of us end up following the ways of the wicked. Join us for a study in Psalm 1 and let's decide once and for all who we are going to serve.


When we are walking in the footsteps of the Lord, we become the blessed one. We don’t walk, stand, or sit with the ungodly, sinners, and scorners. Instead, we meditate day and night on the Word of God. The word meditate in the Hebrew is “hâgâh,” and it means to ponder or to talk to oneself.

That’s what we should be doing day and night — thinking about the Word. Talking to ourselves every chance we get about the Word. This is what the blessed one lives by, and as a result, she has a relationship with God that leads to the ultimate joy. You can read on in verses two and three to see where this brings the one who is blessed.

Read more about the one who is blessed in Psalm 1:1-3 or HERE in this Bible Study.


1. Is Blown Away By Every Wind of Doctrine.

In verse four, the ungodly are likened to chaff. “Chaff is the outer shell (or husk) that must be removed to get at the valuable kernels of grain inside. Chaff is very light and is carried away by even the slightest wind, while the good grain falls back to the earth. Chaff is a symbol of a faithless life that drifts along without direction.” - Life Application Bible

The ungodly - because they spend little to zero time meditating on the Word - are carried away by any wind of doctrine they hear. Please understand that the ungodly of Psalm 1 is not only referring to the unsaved but you and me as well. We’ve all been carried away on every new wind of doctrine and philosophy that have come with a new generation. We’ve all been blown about lacking direction because we’ve failed to spend time meditating and learning the Word of God for ourselves.

The majority of popular Christian celebrity preachers are carrying millions away week after week like chaff in the wind because the focus is on following them instead of the Word of God.

The ungodly don’t know right from wrong and therefore cling to the latest “Christian” fad, and are carried away into a life of death. Right or wrong is found in God’s Word. His Word does not change with every new doctrine, preacher, or book that comes on the scene.

2. Has No Hope of Eternal Life.

Verse five talks about what happens to the ungodly. Remember, the blessed become fruitful. They are planted in the Word (rivers of living water). They are prosperous, and they continue to thrive. The ungodly are not so. Very simply - they perish. Eternal life does not wait for them, and they are lost. Read Matthew 7:13-14.

In Psalm 1, we see two people - two natures - two destinies. I believe we become confused as Christians when we try to live in both natures. The Lord knows the way of the righteous because as we established HERE, the happy/blessed one has a relationship with God Almighty. We know Him, and He knows us. But the ungodly perish.

My Friends, be careful or what you allow into your ears. Watch out for your ear-gate. Be careful who you allow to counsel you. Be careful who you go to for Biblical teaching and understanding.

Learn the Word of God for yourself. (Acts 17:11) Study it, meditate, ponder, and think about the Word of God from day to night. I encourage you to cultivate a deep relationship with our Heavenly Father. This relationship will keep you happy. This relationship will keep you blessed. A deep relationship with God will keep you from being swept away by every wind of doctrine. This relationship will keep you from perishing.


Your Turn: What did Psalm 1 say to you?