Episode 01: Welcome to the Felicity Bee Podcast.

January 1, 2018.


Welcome! Today on The Felicity Bee Podcast (FBP), I'm giving you a look at why I started this podcast and a bit about who I am as the voice behind The Felicity Bee.

Last year, I really got into Podcasts. I listened to them in my car, while exercising, at my desk, even when cleaning the house. As He does, the Lord started moving on my heart to start a podcast here at The Felicity Bee. And as I try to do, I listened and obeyed. 

I hope to chat with you all twice a week here at The Felicity Bee Podcast. I pray that the broken areas of your life are healed, and you are strengthened and encouraged by the words you hear at this place. 

This episode is perfect for anyone wanting to learn more about this new segment of our ministry here at The Felicity Bee.