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Dealing with Grief: Three Steps to Manage the Pain.

Grief cannot be conquered, but it can be managed. There is no timeline when your grief will lift, and you will feel “normal” again. There is no such thing as feeling normal. I’m discovering that you just have to get used to living a “new normal.” Here is a list of three ways that I am managing my grief and sorrow during this time. Perhaps they will help you and give you some insight.

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2018. A Year in Review.

We are about to close the door on 2018, and we are recapping some of our best and worst moments. If your 2018 was glorious, Praise God. I rejoice with you. If your 2018 was treacherous, Praise God. Because the pain is merely a returning to fit in with the Master's Song. Don't give up. We can't give up! We must keep going because out of our lives He is creating a Masterpiece. Thank you for your love, friendship, encouragement, and support during 2018.
I walk into 2019 with you; head's held high, hope in our hearts, and symphony ready to be lived out.

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