The Grace Collection.

I have been ministering through The Felicity Bee since July of 2016, and since then, the Lord has put such wonderful ministers in my path. I have met these dear bloggers through Carmen over at Married By His Grace. Carmen has a gift for uniting female writers, ministers, and bloggers. I am blessed that through her site we have all connected as the body of Christ to bring the word of our Lord to so many.

This month at The Felicity Bee we are studying God’s Amazing Grace. His grace is unfathomable, and yet so simple. It is freely given to us. It is what gives us the power over sin. His amazing grace is what sustains us on even our worst days.

God’s grace is too broad and too wide for one person to explain in thirty days, so I reached out the amazing women I minister with, and asked them to share what is on their hearts regarding God’s amazing grace. I have collected these jewels in this “Grace Collection”.

I hope you will visit their sites, and be inspired by the Biblical truths laid out in their words. I hope that you will be encouraged as you choose to surrender to the amazing grace our Father freely gives.

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1. How We Can Approach God With Confidence: Law vs. Grace by Dawn Klinge of Above the Waves.

"Your moral performance can’t save you from your sins.  Only Jesus’s work on the cross can do that.  When we really understand this, and when we accept his forgiveness- our response is then one of gratitude and love.  There is freedom, not obligation in this truth.  Jesus’s life, death, and resurrection mean that we are no longer under the law but under grace." - Dawn Klinge

You can connect with Dawn on Facebook.

2. A Lesson on Trusting in God: How Our Struggles are Blessings in Disguise by Elaine at Military Wife After God.

In this powerful post, Elaine opens up about struggles in her marriage, and family during a particularly difficult time. But the grace of God is what carried her through. 

"Going through the struggle we did has brought me closer to God and that makes it all worth it! The happiness I have gained and the peace I have experienced after becoming closer to God has made the struggle more than worth it." - Elaine at Military Wife After God.

You can connect with Elaine on Facebook.

3. Beauty from Ashes by Cindy Barnes at Go Gather Grow.

Cindy's blog is named Go - Gather - Grow. Her purpose is to share God's Love One by One by encouraging women in the areas of forgiveness, mercy and grace knowing that in everything, God has a great love for us, no matter what we've done.

This post is Beauty from Ashes and is my story of His forgiveness, mercy and grace extended to me even though I, the Christian wife of 29 1/2 years, left the marriage. - Cindy Barnes

You can connect with Cindy on Pinterest.

4. Is Grace Really Free? by Jerry Gigowski at Busy Being Blessed.

Jenn and Jerry Gigowski are a husband and wife team who blog at Busy Being Blessed where they offer grace-filled encouragement.

"Salvation is not about what you can do for God. It’s entirely about what God has already done for you." - Jerry Gigowski

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5. Refreshed By The Lord. Saved By His Amazing Grace by Leigh Curvin at Because He Loves Me.

Leigh writes over at Because He Loves Me - a Christian lifestyle blog created to tell my story about my journey to discovering God's unconditional love for me.

You can connect with Leigh on Facebook.

Martin Luther. Law vs Grace

6. Allotted Grace by Alex at Grace Upon Grace Today.

Grace Upon Grace Today is a  wife's reflections on marriage and faith which exist to encourage young wives through relevant content and spiritual truths.

"When I imagine my future, I see a few different alternatives, each one with its own immense difficulties. I am guilty of imagining my future without also seeing the future grace allotted to me. I look ahead and imagine difficulties but don’t imagine God meeting those needs or providing that strength or opening those doors. How can I? I don’t write the future." - Alex at Grace Upon Grace Today.

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7. When You Need Grace, but Choose Works Instead by Tiffany Parry at Simply For One.

Tiffany blogs over at Simply For One where she shares Real Conversation, Authentic Faith, and  Endless Grace.

"Maybe you need that reminder too … that offering from a gospel wrought with mercy, grace, and the promise that God is STILL good to those who diligently seek Him … even at noon, even after they pick up the toys strewn across the floor. Our salvation is not determined by some subjective set of rules. We are saved by grace alone."  - Tiffany Parry.

You can connect with Tiffany on Instagram.

8. How My Marriage Survived When It Had Every Reason to Fail by Shannon Geurin at Fiercely His.

Shannon blogs over at Fiercely His where "you’ll find authenticity and truth. Encouragement and strength. Peace and love. You’ll also find mistakes and imperfection. But most of all, I hope you find Jesus." 

Because of Him I am worthy. And I am loved. - Shannon Guerin. 

You can connect with Shannon on Facebook.

9. How to Rescue a Bad Day (by giving yourself grace) by Jill E. McCormick at An Achiever Goes Rogue. 

An Achiever Goes Rogue, is a blog designed to help women who lean more on self and less on the God of amazing grace.

"I am a college-educated, moderately-intelligent woman who should be able to get children ready for school, pack a lunch, do some house cleaning, volunteer at church, and supervise homework time while cooking a balanced dinner all with grace. . . . The truth is that I am insufficient to do life on my own, no matter how easy, small, or routine that life may seem from the outside looking in. My human nature does not have the capacity for divine grace." - Jill E. McCormick.

You can connect with Jill on Instagram.

10. Grace Not Perfection . . . Is that Even Biblical? by Erika Michelle at The Felicity Bee.

"I have seen this quote on Pinterest and Instagram for months, and every time I read it, it doesn’t sit right with me. I have been praying for some clarity, and the Lord has shown me a few things I would like to share with you about the problem with this quote, the balance, and the solution." - Erika Michelle

I just want to say THANK YOU to the beautiful women included in this post. To be open, vulnerable, honest, and transparent is so very difficult in this day and age. But these women bear the strength and courage of the Lord as they share their stories to hopefully encourage you in your next chapter. 

I pray that you take the time to really spend time with these beautiful ladies. They are powerful women of God moving and shaking the earth for His Glory through their writings.

May you feel encouraged to embrace the glorious, free, and abundant amazing Grace of Jesus Christ. 

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