Our Name Has Changed, but Our Passion Has Not.

Often throughout Scripture, God changed the name of certain individuals to denote a change of character or to establish a new identity in Him. 

Abram was changed to Abraham in Genesis 17:5. Sarai was changed to Sarah in Genesis 17:15. In Genesis 32:28, God changed the name of Jacob (meaning deceiver) to Israel (meaning God prevails). God wanted to make sure that Jacob understood that it was the Lord who gave Israel a future and a hope and not Jacob's deceptive ways. Simon was changed to Peter by Jesus in John 1:42.

Steven and I have been in much prayer over the direction of The Felicity Bee, and after much prayer, the Lord has shown us that it is time to shift and with that, we are changing our name.


A Bit 'O History.

The Felicity Bee began in July of 2016 in the middle of a broken heart. I was going through a very dark season and figured that if I could take my focus off of me and what I was going through and help someone else find the love and comfort that can only be found in Jesus, then maybe, I wouldn't hurt so much. You can read the story of the meaning behind THE FELICITY BEE here

In the last two years, God has revolutionized this blog into a ministry. Through our Inscribe the Word plans to the tools and encouragement found at this site, we are reaching hundreds of thousands of people each year throughout many countries in the world. I am humbled that the Lord would speak through my voice and hands. He is the driving force behind this ministry. I am just a vessel in The Potter's Hand. (Jeremiah 18:1-6)

I have been unsettled with the name of our ministry for over a year now. THE FELICITY BEE served a beautiful purpose, but the Lord is expanding us and enhancing our vision. We are obedient to His call, and like He did so many times throughout the Scriptures, He is now changing our name.


We are excited to introduce A Symphony of Praise. Every one of us is a symphony of the hands of The Chief Musician. He is taking our messy parts, our out-of-tune lives, and our "squeaky instruments," and in His hands, He is creating a masterpiece. 

A Symphony of Praise is the new name of The Felicity Bee.

You, my friend, are God's Symphony, and when you give your life, your heart, your mind into the hands of the Chief Musician, the music He can create with your life will bring a pleasing sound to all who see and hear you.

Our desire at A Symphony of Praise is to give you the tools, resources, and encouragement to a live a life that is pleasing to An Audience of One; a life that resembles Jesus Christ (Romans 8:28-30). Our purpose is not to live to create a sound that pleases the world. Goodness, if that were the case, we'd always be changing our "song" to fit in with the whims of culture. Our purpose is to live a life that resembles and pleases An Audience of One; our Heavenly Father. To be conformed to His image is our goal.

At A Symphony of Praise, we want to equip you to live that life. We want to encourage you to keep on singing even when the world tries to silence your song. We want to help you trust in the Lord that in His hands, you are turning into a masterpiece; even if you feel like it's all falling apart.

This is why we changed our name. 
This is our passion. 
This is our heart.
This is our call.

The Felicity Bee changes its name to A SYMPHONY OF PRAISE.


Will you still be doing the Inscribe the Word plans?
Absolutely. They will still be released each month, and we will now add a plan designed for the fellows in your life! So men, women, and the kiddos can study the Word together.

Is the site going to only focus on music now?
Not completely. Steven and I have been dancers, musicians, and actors our whole lives. The Arts are at the core of who we are. While music is not the sole focus of A Symphony of Praise, it will be a part of what we do and what we speak about; relating to our everyday lives.

Where did you come up with the name A SYMPHONY OF PRAISE? 
I began writing worship music when I was nineteen years old. One afternoon, I had bought a music notebook at Barnes and Nobles. In the parking lot of Barnes and Nobles in Garden City, New York, I penned the first words to my first worship song. The title was A Symphony of Praise. 

Who is Steven?
Great question! Steven is my husband and will be joining the ministry at A Symphony of Praise. He will be giving a male perspective and writing for the fellows in our lives. So tell your brothers, husbands, and sons that we are starting to include them here as well as our beautiful ladies!

Why is the bee still a part of your logo?
My father nicknamed me "Bee" when I was a little girl. The nickname never left me and is just a part of who I am. The BEE is a powerful little creature and I believe that the symbol still encompasses what we are doing here with our new site. You can read about the bee and its importance HERE

We thank you so much for supporting this ministry and for being a part of all God is doing here! We can't wait to see how your lives transform into a beautiful Symphony of Praise. 

All My Love,
Erika 🎶

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