Inscribe the Word KIDS! . . . October Scripture Writing Plan

Happy October Kids and Moms and Dads and Friends!


I am so excited to introduce our FIRST walk through the Bible for KIDS! This month, our kids will Inscribe lessons from the Book of Philippians. The Book of Philippians is such a powerful letter written by the Apostle Paul when he was in Rome. There is a great background and study in the Adult Inscribe the Word plan that I would encourage you to read through with your kids.

The Book of Philippians is Pauls' JOY letter. It teaches our kids that happiness is found in our happenings; our circumstances. But true joy can only be found in Jesus. Joy does not depend on your circumstances. Joy is being content in all things . . . even in the worst of times.

The Book of Philippians is an excellent teaching for kids because it teaches them early that in Jesus, their joy is full. In Jesus, they don't have to be anxious in anything. And in Jesus, they can strive to finish the race God has called for their lives.

As you know, I homeschool my son, and I use Inscribe the Word as a part of our daily Bible study plan. This month, being that we are focusing on one complete book, I am going to use Philippians as part of our Bible Study curriculum. 

If you would like to join me, I have found some wonderful resources and videos that would help to reinforce the Inscribe the Word plan and the teachings found in Philippians.  These resource are geared for children ages 4-10.

  • Great video series called "What's in the Bible" from the creators of VeggieTales. THIS VIDEO discusses Pauls' missionary journey's.
  • Another video from "What's in the Bible" talking about Paul's Epistles. THIS VIDEO gives a great understanding about how Paul established the churches and wrote his letters.
  • A video by Saddleback Kids talking about Paul's life and conversion to Christianity.
  • A great song for memorizing Philippians 4:8. Plus, it's upbeat and modern which the kids will love!
  • A BRILLIANT look at the entire outline of Philippians by "The Bible Project". Great for the kids and for the parents, too!
  • A beautiful coloring page of Philippians 4:13.
  • An infographic breaking down the big ideas in Philippians.

I pray that you and your kiddos grow closer to the Lord during this study of Philippians. I pray that your joy will be full, and you will find true, long-lasting joy in Jesus!


CLICK HERE to download your October plan. CLICK HERE to download the Adult Plan for October.

How do you use the kids Inscribe the Word plans in your home? We'd love to hear in the comments . . .