Inscribe the Word Kids! . . . February Scripture Writing Plan.

The INSCRIBE THE WORD Scripture Writing plan has been such a wonderful way for my son and I to study God’s Word together. Scripture Writing is the simple study of hand copying Scripture word for word into a notebook or journal. You can read more about the study method here.

This month we are learning how to LOVE LIKE JESUS!

February Scripture Writing for Kids

Kids can be downright mean to each other, can't they? I taught in the public schools for many years, and the things I heard children saying to each other were deplorable. In a day and age where division is praised, adults are slandering each other back and forth, and kind words are hard to find, we need to turn to The Word of God to teach our children how to LOVE LIKE JESUS.

This month, our Scripture Writing Plan will focus on what the Bible says about LOVE - Loving Each Other and Loving our Lord.

I hope you will join me in teaching our children about the Love of God, and how to love our family and friends with Christ's love, and not the love the world tries to put on us.

 To download your February Scripture Writing Plan,  CLICK HERE.

To download your February Scripture Writing Plan, CLICK HERE.

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