Let's Create a Life that Sparkles From the Inside Out!

Let's Create a Life that Sparkles from the Inside out!


This was the first post that I wrote for this ministry, and a lot has changed since I wrote these words. First, our name has changed from A Felicity Bee to A SYMPHONY OF PRAISE. In 2018, through the gentle nudging of the Holy Spirit, we changed our name and re-branded our ministry. You can read all about our name change HERE. Second, I no longer own and operate my community theater. After years of prayer, the Lord impressed upon our heart to close our business. It was sad, it was heart-breaking, but it was the right decision. Third, I am re-married to the most wonderful man. His name is Steven and he has partnered with me in the ministry here at A Symphony of Praise. 

Finally, some things have stayed the same. I am still madly in love with Jesus. I still desire to equip others with the tools and resources they need to a live a life orchestrated by The Chief Musician. I still have 30 pounds to lose, and I still desire to lead and help others lead a life that sparkles! 

Here we go. I am taking a HUGE . . . I mean HUGE leap of faith into the world of blogging and sharing this journey with my readers. My name is Erika and I am so excited, scared, nervous, happy, hopeful (insert any other adjective here) about starting this blog.

I started A SYMPHONY OF PRAISE (formerly The Felicity Bee) because I wanted a creative outlet for writing and sharing what I know with amazing women, like yourself, who want to create a life that shines. I wanted a place to share helpful ways to create a life that you and I are excited to wake up to every day.

Women are so busy these days, aren’t we? Between work, the husband , the kids, the home, trying to create a “Pinterest-perfect” life, . . . the list goes on and on. I am one of those women. I own and operate my own non-profit community theater which is a 60+ hour a week job, I am  homeschooling my little boy, I try desperately to be a good friend, daughter, sister, boss, artist, writer,  etc, AND on top of all that I need to lose 30 more pounds!

Life is busy. But I believe that we can create the kind of life that leaves us blessed in the middle of busy, sane in the middle of stress, peaceful in the middle of pressure, and cheerful in the middle of a challenge.

So what does it look like to create a life that sparkles? What does that even mean?

With Jesus, we can live a life that sparkles from the inside - out!

Have you ever seen a pregnant woman and heard the phrase ‘She’s glowing’? Have you ever put on the perfect outfit, with the fabulous hair and makeup, gone out with your man, and just felt so good everyone you made contact with commented on how fantastic you looked? Has anyone ever looked at you and said, ‘Gosh, what are you doing? You just look so good - so happy’? That is the feeling of a life that sparkles. For me, over the last few years, these moments have been few and far between. But I am changing that!

A life that sparkles is one where you are at such a place of joy and peace on the inside that it naturally radiates to your outside. No - life does not have to reach a place of perfection for this to happen. Girl, are you kidding? A perfect life! It doesn’t exist.

BUT we can be calm in the middle of a storm. We can be peaceful in the middle of a battle. We can shine in the middle of the worst times, and we can sparkle in the best of times. 

In this blog, we are going to discover ways to do just that. From studying the Bible together, to finding our calling, cultivating life-giving relationships, and creating a life that sparkles. We can do this. Together, you, me and Jesus! Let’s create a life that sparkles!

YOUR TURN: Thank you for joining me on this journey. I’d love to hear in the comments below how you want to change your life so it sparkles! Let’s chat . . . .

All My Love . . . Erika 💛